About Us

Town & Country Real Estate was established in 1966 by Mr. Malcolm Weaver with the intentions to fulfill the need for a good, reputable Real Estate company. The public needed to be able to buy and sell property with reassurance their interests were protected with the guidance of a licensed, friendly and ethical Realtor.

Town & Country Real Estate is an organization whose associates are dedicated to honesty, integrity and high ethical conduct in all dealings with our clients, customers, the public and our fellow Realtors. This firm enjoys a good reputation in East Texas. We want this to continue to be merited. We believe each associate builds and image in the eyes of the public for themselves and the firm.

Town & Country Real Estate became “Shelby County’s Town & Country Real Estate, LLC” in 2009 when the company obtained, remodeled and moved into a 5,000 square foot office building on the Historical Downtown Shelby County Square. After Malcolm Weavers passing at the age of 97, his assistant and manager Jodi Fountain took over the company, as broker. Jodi worked with Malcolm for 14 years and he groomed her into a great Realtor and Broker with the intentions that she would one day take over where he left off. In 2016, Town & County Real Estate then became “Fountain’s Shelby County Real Estate, LLC. DBA: Town & Country Real Estate. Although, Town & Country LLC. names have changed over the years, our dedication to our clients, customers and the public still remains the same. Town & Country is very proud of its’ associates and the organizations they are members of, such as, The National Association of Realtors, The Texas Association of Realtors, The Realtors Land Institute, The multiple Listing Services and more.

The greatest asset of Town & Country Real Estate is the high caliber of people associated with this firm. We have been blessed with many fine men and women and expect to continue to grown and associate with only the best!


Town & Country Real Estate